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Enjoy the benefits of the Tesla Energy Plan

South Australia! Tesla has unveiled a new Tesla Energy Plan that aims to expand its virtual power plant while also balancing the increase in rooftop solar power.

For new SA customers who sign up for the plan for at least 24 months, the retail price of Tesla Powerwall will be reduced by $2,000. This discount is separate from the $2,700 rebate offered by the South Australian government. New participants will also have access to time-of-use power prices and $220 (incl GST) in grid support credits per year.

When you connect your Powerwall to the Tesla Energy Plan, Tesla’s industry-leading software will monitor and manage its performance to deliver the most benefits to you, with the added assurance of cycling your battery up to only 50 discharge cycles a year.

2 Based on a 6.6kw PV system and Powerwall in South Australia with the South Australian Government subsidy applied. Current as of 22 March 2021.

Join the World’s Largest Virtual Power Plant

On the Tesla Energy Plan, you’re part of the world’s largest Virtual Power Plant. Your Powerwall will be connected to a growing network of homes across South Australia, designed to support the state’s energy needs and provide additional stability to the electricity grid – all whilst unlocking savings with the Tesla Energy Plan.

The Tesla Energy Plan is available through Venergy Australia.

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