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Tesla Powerwall 2

Venergy Australia is a leading supplier of Tesla Powerwall. As a certified installer of Tesla Powerwall 2, we strictly use the Tesla Powerwall as our preferred battery storage across Australia. The easy choice is battery storage, the right choice is Tesla Powerwall.
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The most affordable home battery in terms of cost per kWh, Powerwall economically meets the daily energy needs of most homes.

Lower Your Electricity Bill

Add value to your home and reduce your energy bills.

Reduce Reliance

Reduce your reliance on the rising cost of power from the grid

Reduce Emissions

Reduce your carbon emissions.

Why Tesla Powerwall 2?

Venergy Australia is now a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer, which means we now offer a customized solar-plus-battery solution that enables you to access the free, abundant power of the sun and reduces your reliance on fossil fuels.

With Powerwall you can store solar energy generated during the day for use any time. During the day, the sun shines on your solar panels, charging your battery. At night, your home draws electricity from your battery, powering your home with clean, sustainable energy 24/7.

Use more of your solar

Most homes use a fraction of the solar energy they produce. Instead of sending it back to the grid, Powerwall stores it for later use.

Your path off grid

Power your home with the solar energy stored in
Powerwall to reduce your reliance on the grid and lower your electricity bill.

Back up your home

Powerwall protects your home during a power outage,
keeping your lights, Wi-Fi and refrigerator running.

Technical Specs

Usable Capacity
13.5 kWh

Depth of Discharge

90% round-trip

7kW peak / 5kW continuous

UL and IEC certified
Grid code compliant

Supported Applications
Solar self-consumption
Time of use load shifting
Off grid

Up to 9 Powerwalls

Operating Temperature
-4° to 122°F / -20°C to 50°C

264.4 lb / 120 kg

10 years

L x W x D: 44″ x 29″ x 5.5″
(1150mm x 755mm x 155mm)

Floor or wall mounted
Indoor or outdoor

Tesla Powerwall Consultation

We’ll talk to see if the Tesla Powerwall is right for you and create a free quote based on your energy usage and your location in Australia.

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