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Exciting news for Victorian residents!

Tesla has recently announced the expansion of its Virtual Power Plant (VPP) in Australia, with residents of Victoria now able to sign up for the Tesla Energy Plan.

The Tesla Virtual Power Plant allows you to maximise your energy savings through flexible Time of Use rates. Tesla’s world-leading technology monitors and manages your Powerwall for you, assessing usage patterns to help ensure your home is always powered by the most efficient source, reducing your energy bill and benefiting your community at the same time.

The company expanded the program earlier this year by offering the “Tesla Energy Plan on the Tesla Virtual Power Plant,” which is basically a time of use energy plan specifically made for Powerwall owners in South Australia. Learn More about Tesla Energy Plan in SA.

On September 21, Josef Tadich, a Victoria resident and Senior Manager Engineering at Tesla, shared the news of the expansion on his LinkedIn.

According to Tadich, the plan permits customers who own a Powerwall “to participate in wholesale energy and frequency control markets, providing cheaper retail rates and supporting the power system when it’s needed most.”

Tadich added, “This is how we increase renewables penetration further from the 60% milestone we hit yesterday here in the NEM, and accelerate the transition: through the integration of renewables and storage at transmission level; and the coordination of residential PV, battery storage, and EV charging as active Distributed Energy Resources (DER).”

With the launch, Tesla also added a new page to its website explaining what a VPP is and why a customer would benefit from joining.

Image via Tesla

The benefits of joining Tesla Energy Plan

  • Monthly Grid Support Credits3
  • Limit of 50 Powerwall discharge cycles2 per year
  • Extended warranty, up to 15 years1 on your new Powerwall
  • Virtual Power Plant that is purpose built for Powerwall
  • No Lock in contract energy plan
  • Minimum 20% Back-up reserve during a grid outage
  • Australian Based Customer Service Team

Who can join the Tesla Energy Plan?

To join Tesla’s Virtual Power Plant through the Tesla Energy Plan, customers must be a resident in Victoria, Australia, must own or purchase at least one Powerwall, have an operating solar system under 15kW per Powerwall, have an internet connection, and either have a smart meter or agree to have one put at their home.

Find out more by calling one of our experienced solar consultants today on 1800 836 374 to learn more about the Tesla Energy Plan benefits.

1 5 years extended warranty offer applies when you purchase a new Powerwall and connect to the Tesla Energy Plan and remain connected on the Tesla Energy Plan. If you decide to leave the Tesla Energy Plan, your additional 5-year extended warranty will be removed and revert back to the remaining manufacturer's warranty.
2 Each cycle corresponds to 13.5kWh discharged from your Powerwall to the grid directly.
3 Grid Support Credits are calculated daily and appear on your bill as a credit monthly.