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Apply Now: Limited Solar Rebate Victoria Battery Rebates Available

Secure Solar Rebate Victoria with Venergy Solar 

– Battery Rebate Offer Ends 30 June 2023


Victorians, secure your Solar Rebate Victoria! The countdown has begun! 


The final opportunity to benefit from the substantial solar battery rebate offered by Solar Victoria Rebate is rapidly approaching. Secure a rebate of up to $2,950 off your solar battery system before the looming deadline of 30 June 2023. (Solar Victoria, 2023)


Act now with Venergy Solar, an authorised solar retailer by Solar Victoria since 2009 and Certified Tesla Premium Installer, to claim the battery rebate.


The Clock is Ticking: Understand the Solar Rebate Victoria 


 This rebate is a limited-time offer aimed at making solar battery systems more affordable for eligible households. Act fast to take advantage of this opportunity, as it ends on 30 June 2023.  On 2 June, there are only 1205 solar battery rebates left, as Solar Victoria Government website


Race Against Time: Contact Venergy Solar to Discuss Your Solar Rebate in Victoria 


Call Venergy Solar Australia to discuss your eligibility at 1800 836 374. We are prepared to respond swiftly, ensuring that you have the best chance to secure your rebate before the approaching deadline.


The eligibility criteria include ownership and occupancy of the property, income conditions, previous participation in the Solar Homes Program, property valuation, current solar infrastructure, and pre-approval for grid connection.


Don’t Delay: Submit Your Solar Rebate Victoria Application


Venergy will start the rebate application at the earliest and secure the rebate. Remember, the application deadline is 30 June 2023. Time waits for no one – don’t delay your application!


Act Now for Future Savings: Solar Installation and Solar Rebate in Victoria 


Following approval of your application, Venergy will proceed with the installation of your solar battery system. We will handle the rebate process on your behalf, deducting the rebate amount from the total cost of your battery system and installation.


Contact us now – time is running out.



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