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Solar panel systems are long-lasting and require little maintenance. However, regular checkups will save you money in the long run by preventing costly repairs and maintaining your panels looking nice and clean.

If you’ve recently installed your residential solar panel, you may require some assistance. Installing solar PV systems and then not paying any attention to them since they come with a 25-year warranty is not a smart move. Even the best solar panels, according to Australia’s best solar company, require maintenance. 

Here are a few simple tips to follow for solar panel cleaning and maintenance.

Solar Panel Maintenance Tips

  • Keep solar panels out of the shade because they produce less energy when they aren’t exposed to any sunlight. All solar PV systems require direct sunlight exposure. In any case, no shade should obstruct the view. As a result, you must ensure that the solar panels are not shaded.
  • Keep a close eye on the solar panels and make sure the inverters are showing green lights. If you see the wrong light flashing on the inverter, contact your provider right away.
  • To improve solar panel maintenance, keep track of daily performance. It’s important to record how much energy was produced at a consistent time each day, with specific attention paid to periods when the weather was very cloudy. Some of the results will be inconsistent. Note: Your solar panel manufacturer should be able to offer you with the best monitoring system.
  • Monitoring systems allow you to know how much CO2 you are emitting into the atmosphere and how much you are protecting the environment. They can also assist you in determining how much the feed-in tariff scheme could benefit you.
  • If you don’t have time to clean your solar panels, you can install sprinkler-like automated cleaners or make appointments with solar panel cleaning services.

Panel Maintenance Schedule

Regular maintenance of your installed solar panels is an essential term of your product warranties.

In accordance to Australian Standard AS/NZS 5033, Occupational Health and Safety requirements, Industry Best Practice all work carried out on the installation and maintenance of solar panels must be done by a Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer

Depending on the location of your solar panels, here at Venergy, we strongly recommend the following minimum maintenance schedule to be carried out to ensure peak performance of your solar power installations. 

✅ Quarterly Every Year

✅ Site

✅ Check and clean all accumulation of debris or scum built-up or dust on the glass surfaces and around the solar panels. Check and remove anything that could cause shading or loss of sunlight onto the panels.
✅ Annually

✅ PV Modules wiring
✅ Electrical
✅ Protective devices
✅ Racking system

✅ Check and clean all accumulation of debris or scum built-up or dust on the glass surface and around the solar panels.
✅ Check and rectify any visual defects including tightness of all connections.
✅ Check and rectify tightness of connection at junction box.
✅ Check and rectify integrity of seals and water accumulation
✅ Check, measure and ensure the array and sub-array open circuit voltages and short-circuit currents are within specifications.
✅ Check, measure and ensure the integrity of all fuses operation of the circuit-breakers.
✅ Check, measure and ensure the operation of the solar array isolation device,
✅ Check and rectify the tightness and integrity of bolts other fastening devices.
✅ Check and treat (if any} corrosion on cables and panels.

✅ Every 5 Years

✅ Wiring

✅ Check and rectify the mechanical integrity of conduits.
✅ Check and rectify the insulation integrity of any cables Installed without conduit.
✅ Check and treat (if any} corrosion frames and brackets.

Note: Your PV system must be serviced by a certified solar Installer every two years to secure workmanship warranty.

Cleaning Tips for Solar Panels

  • Cleaning solar panels is made much easier using solar panel cleaning kits. A biodegradable soap, a wiper, and a small brush or brush with a larger handle are included in the kit. In a bucket, combine the soap and water. The bottle comes with instructions. Start carefully wiping the solar panels with the brush that has been dipped in the bucket. To clean the panels, use simple water or a soft brush to remove any filth or dirt that has accumulated.
  • When cleaning solar panels, it’s important not to use harsh materials because they can damage them, and solar panels are expensive to repair. Always keep an eye out for dirt on the solar panels to ensure that it doesn’t accumulate, as clean panels absorb more sunlight.
  • Many people wonder if solar panels need to be cleaned, and the answer is yes. Depending on the type of solar panel you have, you may need to clean it quarterly every year or annually. In terms of solar panel cleaning, remember that your solar panel manufacturer should be able to guide or assist you.

At Venergy, we can help you with your solar panel cleaning and maintenance requirements. Call us on 1800 836 374 today.

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