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The City of Tea Tree Gully in Adelaide is set to step up its solar power capacity with the installation of an additional 100kw of solar panels for its service facility, which will save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next decade.

Venergy is pleased to be selected as the solar EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) provider for the design, supply and construction of the City of Tea Tree Gully Service Centre Solar Energy Project in Golden Grove, SA.

From Left to Right: Matthew Wilkins (CEO, Venergy Australia), Brittany Fleet (Building Project Officer, City of Tea Tree Gully), Andrew Moylan (Environmental Project Officer, City of Tea Tree Gully) and Arthur Varvaris (Installation Manager, Venergy Australia)

Matthew Wilkins, the CEO of Venergy Australia, attended the project initiation meeting with the Building Project Officer, Brittany Fleet and the Environmental Project Officer, Andrew Moylan, from the City of Tea Tree Gully.

The City of Tea Tree Gully conducted a competitive two-stage tender process to evaluate competing providers and announced Venergy as the successful solar EPC supplier after careful consideration. Works will begin in June, 2022, with construction and handover expected to happen the following month.

“Venergy is proud to be partnering with the City of Tea Tree Gully on this project. We have established ourselves as a credible provider to LGA’s by demonstrating previous experience with an impressive track record. Our engineering drawings and technical specifications were explained very well in the submissions, which was a leading factor in being selected as the successful vendor.” The CEO of Venergy, Mr Wilkins, said.

The new installation will provide a big boost to the council’s solar energy capabilities, which were previously only at 100kw capacity and will now boast a 200kw of on-site solar generation. Increasing the size of their existing system is in line with the council’s commitment to minimising consumption of non-renewable energy and achieving net-zero emissions.

The City of Tea Tree Gully has shown tremendous leadership with a clear ambition to adopt and invest in renewable energy and create local jobs.

“Venergy stands out for its professionalism in solar EPC project management and high-profile track record. We are proud to build strong, long-lasting and meaningful relationships with local organisations like the City of Tea Tree Gully, to deliver and play our part in their renewable journey.” Mr Wilkins said.