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Residential Solar

We have a team of CEC accredited electricians who will help with your solar – from start to finish. We are a fully transparent solar installation company and have been in business since 2009.

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Why Go Solar?

Here’s why you should consider moving your home over to solar power:

Save Money

Save money on your energy bill.

Add Value

Add value to your home

Reduce Reliance

Reduce your reliance on the rising cost of power from the grid

Get Paid

Get paid for any excess power your export back to the grid (if eligible)

Reduce Emissions

Reduce your carbon emissions.

And after you have paid off the initial investment in the system, that’s money in your pocket every month if you have no power bill or a subsidised power bill.

Even that initial investment can be further greatly reduced thanks to the Government rebate program which offers huge incentives to solar power users, drastically cutting the cost of a new solar power system and paying them in advance for the projected power usage of their system. Find out more about this here.

Solar for Residential Homes

It’s a greener, cleaner, cheaper source of energy and is good for you, your budget, and the environment.
Venergy is an industry-leading, long-standing supplier of quality solar systems in South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland focusing exclusively on the supply, design, installation and management of every aspect of your residential project!
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Residential Solar FAQ’s

We answer some of the most common questions posed to Venergy Australia by businesses and homeowners who are considering an investment in solar energy.

What size solar system is right for you?

To determine the size of the system to meet the needs of your business or home, we will look ar factors such as: current electricity usage and patterns; roof size and shading implications; and your budget. We will also put together a Systems Proposal for your consideration.

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Government rebates and incentives for solar

You can receive rebates and generous government contributions for installing a solar power system and generating solar electricity, including “Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (STCs)” and “Feed-in Tariffs”, both which substantially offset your investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of the most common questions posed to Venergy Australia by businesses and homeowners who are considering an investment in solar energy. Additionally, many of your questions will be answered when you engage us to prepare a free quote and appraisal.

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What steps are involved in implementing solar?

The good news is that Venergy Australia will take care of everything for you, from developing the plan to completing paperwork and after sales service. Our solar install process designed to cover all aspects of starting and maintaining your solar-powered business or home.

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Residential Solar Consultation

We’ll talk to see if solar is right for you and create a free quote based on your energy usage and your location in Australia.

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