St. Jakobi Lutheran School

“A caring school for the future” has always been the motto of St. Jakobi Lutheran School. They believe that their school principles and excellent resources all contribute in providing quality Christian education for the children in its community. Parallel to its mission of continuously improving its services, St. Jakobi Lutheran has installed a 30kW Solar PV System through the aid of VENERGY, a leading provider of solar energy systems in South Australia.
Using VENERGY Solar Systems, St. Jakobi was installed with 120 SIMAX Solar Panels. SIMAX panels are known for its performance and durability. It has positive tolerance providing reliable output and a guaranteed tolerance of +3%; high module efficiency of up to 15.5%; and superior compressive strength, which can withstand harsh weather such as 2400 Pa of wind and snow loads of up to 5400Pa.
Since then, they have benefitted from electrical savings estimated at an average of 12,953 AUD per annum or 129,536 AUD in ten years. Moreover, Due to the savings brought about by VENERGY’s solar energy system, the payment process was self-liquidating. It is anticipated that system payback will be reached in three (3) years time.

Managing Director: Travis Saegenschinitter
Location : Lyndoch Valley Rd Lyndoc SA 5351
PV System Size : 30 kW
Solar Inverter : SMA STP 15000TL
Number of Panels : 120 (250W SIMAX Panels)
Installation Date : January 2014