Regency Road Child Care

Regency Road Child Care Centre is a privately owned business since 1974. The facility provides opportunities and support where children, families and staff can develop valuable learning for life. They are currently licensed for 76 children aged 6 weeks to 6 years, catered by experienced, dedicated and friendly professionals who consistently provide quality care, guidance and positive role-modelling for children and family members.
Truly, Regency Road Child Care Centre has been leading by example when it made a positive choice of installing a 20 kW Solar System with the aid of VENERGY, a leader in power saving solar solutions in South Australia.
Regency Road Child Care Centre has acquired 80 SIMAX solar panels and uses two (2) SMA inverters. SIMAX solar panels are known to have positive tolerance providing reliable output and a guaranteed tolerance of +3%; high module efficiency of up to 15.5%; and superior compressive strength, which can withstand harsh weather such as 2400 Pa of wind and snow loads of up to 5400Pa.
On the other hand, SMA inverters are the undisputed leading inverters in the industry. Regency Road Child Care uses SMA STP 10000 inverter to support its solar system, ensuring maximum yields and 98% efficiency. It also offers a built in Bluetooth device, which allows easy monitoring for operators.
Through VENERGY’s trust worthy power saving solutions, complemented with the system’s high manufacturing standards and certified management structure, Regency Road Child Care has been sincere in promoting an environment that is sustainable and available for future generations.

Director : Sherley Skinner
Location : Centre 529 REGENCY RD Sefton Park SA 5083
PV System Size : 20 kW
Solar Inverter : SMA STP 10000TL
Number of Panels : 80 (250W SIMAX Panels)
Installation Date : May 2014