Farm Fresh Market

Project Details

Operating for over 20 years, Farm Fresh Market is a local supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables in Murray Bridge, South Australia.


Farm Fresh Market operates many different types of powered machinery. Lighting, cold rooms and display fridges all use substantial amounts of electricity. Absorbing these price rises only works for so long before businesses must come up with ways of slashing costs to balance their budget and remain competitive.


Venergy installed a 39kW solar system on the roof of Farm Fresh Market consisting of SunPower solar panels and Fronius inverters in December 2019. The decision to turn this retail store into a solar retail business was a no-brainer for Carlo Demichelle, and the project was very straight forward to design and implement. Farm Fresh Market roof faces almost east & west, catching the bulk of the sun’s rays throughout the year. The shop's daytime operating hours mean that most of the power produced can be used upright there and then. And because their power consumption profile is fairly smooth, there were no extra challenges for modern solar power technology.