Beachside Caravan Park

Operating a big park facility requires huge amount of electricity. This was realized by Beachside Caravan Park (Beach Side), which led them to cut electricity cost and improve profit by installing a 30kW Solar PV system with a leading power saving solar solutions provider in South Australia, VENERGY.
With VENERGY, Beach Side acquired 120 SIMAX Solar Panels. SIMAX panels are known for its performance and durability. It has positive tolerance providing reliable output and a guaranteed tolerance of +3%; high module efficiency of up to 15.5%; and superior compressive strength, which can withstand harsh weather such as 2400 Pa of wind and snow loads of up to 5400Pa.
Furthermore, Beach Side was bought six (6) SMA inverters. SMA is the leading inverter brand in the industry. It is very efficient in transforming the sun’s energy into electricity. In fact, its technology ensures maximum yields and 98% efficiency rating, assuring highest user convenience. Its installation comes with free Bluetooth device, which allows easy monitoring for operators.
The success of this endeavour has led them to save as much as 12,953 AUD, at an average, per month or an expected savings of 129,536 AUD in ten years. Moreover, The Company doesn’t need to spend a single cent for this project. The savings it generates pays for the system, which will be made in four (4) years time. Savings generated after the payback period can then be allocated by Beach Side to their other projects.

Owner : Gregg Dunn
Location : Cape Jervis Rd Normaville SA 5024
PV System Size : 30 kW
Solar Inverter : SMA SB 5000TL
Number of Panels : 120 (250W SIMAX Panels)
Installation Date : July 2013