Arthritis SA

Arthritis SA is committed to improving the quality of life of people with arthritis and related conditions. It has been their mission to reduce the social and economic burden of arthritis through research, education and support.
Arthritis SA has strengthened its support systems, which has been assisting one out of four Australians in improving the quality of life. Commissioning VENERGY to install 22 kW of Solar PV System, Arthritis SA has vowed to make its operations sustainable.
Through VENERGY Solar Systems, Arthritis SA has installed 88 SIMAX Solar Panels. SIMAX panels are known for its performance and durability. It has positive tolerance providing reliable output and a guaranteed tolerance of +3%; high module efficiency of up to 15.5%; and superior compressive strength, which can withstand harsh weather such as 2400 Pa of wind and snow loads of up to 5400Pa.
Furthermore, Arthritis SA acquired an SMA inverter, the leading inverter in the industry. SMA inverters have been very effective in transforming the sun’s energy into electricity. Its technology ensures maximum yields and 98% efficiency rating, assuring highest user convenience. Its installation comes with free Bluetooth device, which allows easy monitoring for operators.
Since then, Arthritis SA have benefitted from high return on investment and electrical savings estimated at an average of 10,890 AUD per annum or 136,544 AUD in ten years. At this rate, system payback could be anticipated in a little over than two (2) years.

CEO : Julie Black
Location : 118 Richmond Road Marleston SA 5033
PV System Size : 22 kW
Solar Inverter : 20000TL SMA
Number of Panels : 88 (250W SIMAX Panels)
Installation Date : July 2014