Adelaide Ice Service

Project Details

Adelaide Ice is the largest ice manufacturer in the Adelaide Metropolitan area, manufacturing and supplying food grade ice to retailers, primary producers, hospitals, hotels, airlines, fishermen and food manufacturers who need bulk ice for cooling their product quickly, 365 days per year. Its day to day operations therefore involves the consumption of considerable amounts of energy.

As a result Adelaide Ice made the commercial decision to significantly reduce its energy bills and take control of its energy future. It engaged Venergy to begin the process of reducing its grid power consumption to zero whose inhouse legal resources applied at no cost for a Clean Technology Grant Investment Program on behalf of Adelaide Ice.

The application was successful and the grant was awarded to Adelaide Ice as a result of which Adelaide Ice launched its new solar photovoltaic system purchased from and proudly installed by Venergy in late September 2013 at Adelaide Ice’s manufacturing plant in Regency Park. The newly installed system of approximately 100kW in size is one of the largest installed at present in South Australia.

The company’s production capacity is now in excess of 200 tons per day and the solar power installation at Regency Park has offered a fantastic return on investment for Adelaide Ice, having saved the company thousands of dollars a month through offsetting its electricity and reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions by hundreds of tonnes.

The solar system was designed and constructed by Venergy and consists of 351 premium quality 250 watt Simax photovoltaic modules paired with a market leading, German-manufactured SMA Inverter for maximum efficiency. These components were selected to maximise the company’s long term returns.

Solar power is the cleanest, most practical and sustainable form of renewable energy available and utilizing an efficient and rapidly growing technology allowed Adelaide Ice to embrace and implement a sustainably greener living whilst reducing its fixed costs dramatically.

Understanding your electricity account or KVA charges and how solar energy can really benefit your business is critically important, especially in today’s economy and rising cost environment, and Venergy supported Adelaide Ice in doing just that.

Adelaide Ice
Managing Director: Michael Goonan
8 Peekara Street Regency Park SA
Phone: 08 8340 4444
PV Size System: TBC
Solar Inverter: German SMA
Solar Panels: 351 x 250W Simax TBC
Mounting System: TBA
Installed: September 2013