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Fronius Inverters

Driven with a vision to be the technology and quality leader, Fronius is now considered as one of the most prominent players in the solar market.

Through continuous innovation, it has developed a wide series of photovoltaic solutions. Able to cope with the recent shift in the industry with the battery storage entry, it is among the first inverter brands to be named as compatible with the Tesla Powerwall battery system.

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proud to be a fronius solutions partner

Venergy is A Proud Fronius Solutions Partner

One Vision. Strong Partners.

Fronius Solutions Partners are installers selected and trained by Fronius. Regular intensive training keeps Fronius Solutions Partners up to date with state-of-the art technology so that they can offer efficient energy solutions.

We are proud to be a Fronius Solutions Partner (FSP) allowing us to offer you with a 5-year warranty with an additional 5-year warranty at no cost when you choose Venergy to install your Fronius inverter. As a Fronius Solutions Partner, we are also selected and trained by Fronius and will always provide you with the highest quality in both planning your installation and servicing your energy solution.

Our experienced team of Engineers and Electricians are constantly expanding their experience and knowledge with Fronius inverters, which has now been further strengthened by undertaking the Fronius Solutions Partner training.

If you are looking for a quality installer that you can trust to help you choose the best-performing, future-proof solar solution for your home or business, then look no further than a Fronius Solutions Partner like Venergy. We are experts in all things Fronius.

venergy is proud to be a fronius solutions partner

Symo GEN24 Plus

Great news for our valued Venergy solar customers! The three-phase Fronius Symo GEN24 Plus – a compact, versatile hybrid inverter – is now available on the market.

The new hero Symo GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter 6-10 kW with full back-up power is an all-in-one solution for residential and small-scale commercial systems. Whether it is used in photovoltaics, a storage system, back-up power, heating, or e-mobility, the Fronius GEN24 Plus offers a unique range of solutions and is playing a pioneering role in an energy revolution.

The main features of the Symo GEN24 Plus are:

  • Demand orientated backup power functions
    • PV Point: low cost, inverter integrated basic backup power function
    • Full Backup: 3-phase backup
  • Infinite energy management possibilities
    • Various open interfaces to connect a huge variety of 3rd party components
  • Maximum system efficiency with BYD
    • Highest charging/discharging power for the most efficient use of the PV power
  • Multi Flow Technology
    • Parallel energy flows and charging from the AC side for optimal utilisation of the energy
  • Superflex Design
    • For maximum flexibility in system design thanks to broad DC input voltage ranges and high current carrying capacities
  • Active Cooling Technology
    • Leads to longer life spans of the inverter and later power derating
  • Unique installation and commissioning technologies
    • Fastest commissioning with Solar.start app and new mounting concept (fast locking screws, WAGO push-in spring terminals)
  • Best service on the market
    • Possibility to replace individual parts of the inverter à highest degree of sustainability
  • Dynamic Peak Manager
    • Inverter integrated shading management to optimise yields on a string level

Plus, since we are proud to be a Fronius Solutions Partner Plus, our Fronius products are eligible for an extended 10-year comprehensive (parts & labour) inverter warranty.

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  • The perfect single phase replacement inverter with high frequency transformer topology
  • 1.5 to 3.0 kW

Project Optimisation

  • The high power density, three phase inverter for large scale commercial installations
  • 25.0 to 27.0 kW

Optimised Energy Management

  • The optimal single phase inverter for self-consumption management
  • 3.0 to 8.2 kW


  • The flexible, future proof platform perfect for battery storage integration.
  • Three phase.
  • 3.0 to 5.0 kW

Unrivaled 3-Phase Technology

  • The super flexible three phase inverter for residential and commercial applications
  • 3.0 to 20.0 kW
Fronius Tauro

Hard Shell, Smart Core

  • The first choice for large-scale PV systems
  • Three-phase
  • 50kW, 100 kW (November 2021)

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