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Delta Inverters

Take control of your energy with Delta’s state-of-the-art smart, green technology while making a valuable contribution to persevering our environment for a better tomorrow.

Using high power density and high-temperature tolerant electronics encased in a robust die-cast enclosure, Delta’s inverters are built to withstand the harshest of Australian environments.



Product Overview

Delta presents the H5A_222 solar inverter which features 5.0 kW AC output and the lowest start-up voltage yet at 35vDC. This new single phase solar inverter is designed for residential PV applications where maximum versatility, production and savings are important. With smart power meter built-in, the H5A can provide consumption data and dynamic export control with the simple addition of CT clamps.


Technical Specs

PV Inverter Home Series / H5A_222

  • Wide input range from 30 to 600 Vdc
  • Built-in Smart Meter / Dry Contact / DRM Port
  • Ultra light weight for easy installation and space-saving
  • Built-in Wi-Fi communication
  • Pre-commissioned to Australia
  • MyDeltaSolar cloud for remote monitoring
  • Low noise emission up to 20 dB
  • IP 65 rated

Delta Home Series Single Phase Solar Inverter H2.5 / H3 / H3A / H4A / H5A

Delta’s high-efficiency single phase solar inverter packs a punch with its ultra-low start up voltage and small footprint making it ideal for residential PV applications where maximum versatility and energy production is crucial to your return on investment


E5 Hybrid Energy Storage System

With Delta’s E5 Hybrid Energy Storage system you can benefit from solar energy even after sunset. By pairing the E5 inverter with the Bx6.0 Li-Ion you create your own secure supply of energy for when the grid lets you down. Powered by Panasonic's own cell "pack", it includes 6 safety mechanisms, layered steel casing and an IP55 rating making it the safest home energy storage device.