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Solar System Size for Industrial

A guaranteed, run-on investment for your business.

Solar System Size for Industrial

To determine the size of the solar system suitable to meet your home and business premises usage and energy needs, you’ll need to consider a number of factors, including:

  • Roof size
  • Budget
  • Electricity Consumption Patterns

Venergy can assist in this regard by recommending a system based on your forecast energy needs, roof space and electricity usage patterns. All of this information will be presented to you in your complimentary Solar Solutions proposal, customized to your circumstances, so that you know you are making the right decision.

Roof Size

First of all, you’ll need to establish how many panels will fit on your roof.

Venergy’s partnered CEC-accredited installers will visit your premises and assess the roof space properly and will also use the mapping website Nearmap which will in the first instance offer us a relatively accurate measure of your roof space. This will facility the provision to you of quotes for the most appropriately sized system up to the maximum allowable.

A smaller system’s panels will face in one direction only whereas a larger system greater than 10kW may have panels installed so as to face in two directions and across multiple sections of roof. The latter is a feature of better quality inverters that Venergy offers, and that use Maximum Power Point Tracking.

Venergy will also provide you with a “Roof Plan” showing a superimposed image of solar panels on your property and – most importantly – Venergy’s CEC-accredited and experienced installers will undertake a full site and roof assessment prior to the date of installation, to ensure that your roof harbors no hidden surprises and your installation runs smoothly on the day.

So contact Venergy today to discuss how many panels will fit on your roof and where these will be placed. Your customized Roof Plan will give you a good indication of what your roof will look like with a system of recommended size installed. If you wish we will give you quotes for different size options and a recommendation on the size you will need if you wish to reduce or eliminate your electricity bills entirely.

Contact us on 1800 836 374 or click here to arrange an appointment with a Venergy representative.


Naturally what you can afford to spend will influence the system size you’re able to purchase though with Venergy’s options of $0 deposit payment plans, cash flow positive solutions, payback available within 3 years in some instances.

Solar is a financial investment and it may be worth funding the purchase with an 8-10% low rate finance plan and retain your capital for use elsewhere. If you choose to finance your system, Venergy will clearly show you the repayments you need to make, the return on your investment and the payback period after which you will simply enjoy the benefits of your system for free.

It is even more important, if financing this purchase, to ensure you deal with only a reputable company that uses only European inverters, quality parts, qualified and experienced installers and offers unparalleled warranties and after sales service.

Electricty Consumption Patterns

In general terms, the larger the electrictity usage, the more benefit you’ll get from choosing a larger size system. If you have a growing business, consider the increased usage that will result from this and plan accordingly.

Once you contact Venergy, we’ll ask for a copies of electricity bills and work out your average usage of kilowatt hours each day. We’ll then work out what percentage of that daily average usage you use during the sunniest / middle part of the day.

We will then suggest a system that will produce a similar amount to this or one that produces slightly more depending on anticipated growth in usage or how much power usage you can shift into the middle of the day.

This will enable us to recommend systems of different size and components depending on your budget and end goal.

Choosing the components that go into your solar system is an important decision and may prove the difference between a dependable system that really reduces your energy costs for many years into the future, and having nothing but another financial burden to pay off. Venergy only supplies reputable, market leading, European inverters and quality panels with protective warranties at very competitive prices.