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Industrial Solar Systems

Venergy is a leading South Australian solar solutions company focusing on the supply, design and installation of high quality solar systems for industrial use. Investing in a Venergy industrial sized solar system will deliver an incredible return on your financial investment and a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions each year.

Venergy’s transparent industrial solar system planning and design service offers certainty regarding your forecast return on investment and savings. Our CEC-accredited photovoltaic designers design industrial systems to maximise return on investment by optimising the size of the solar system taking into consideration specific constraints with the site including but not limited to available roof size.

Whether it be a industrial solar system for your manufacturing or factory premises, Venergy’s design process will consider above all your budgetary and site objectives and restrictions and ultimate energy saving goals.

By selecting Venergy for your industrial solar needs, you are investing in our years of experience in supplying, selecting, designing, planning, overseeing and installing the installation of industrial solar systemd which will deliver an efficient and high yielding system at your industrial premises. Whether it be a roof top system or a ground mounted system, our CEC-accredited designers will deliver an efficient, reliable and market leading recommendation which surpasses the usual industrial solar company standards.

With so many solar companies having been in the market only a very short time and having had little genuine experience in industrial solar, you can rely on Venergy’s long standing reputation in the South Australian market and its proven experience and performance in actually installing industrial solar across thousands of premises in metropolitan and regional South Australia.

Venergy’s industrial systems are further fortified by unparalleled product and performance warranties which protect the whole project end to end – the panels and inverters, the mounting kit, the workmanship and the long term performance of the system.

If you are interested in an industrial solar system, please contact us today to arrange a no-obligation site assessment based on your historical and forecast energy needs. We will provide you with a tailored proposal setting out your solar power production potential and design a system on a complimentary Roof Plan which will maximise your energy generation and therefore savings.

Venergy will project-manage all aspects of the project including the design, construction, approvals, installation and maintenance of your system include the necessary applications to the relevant bodies (including government, SA Power Networks and your retailer) to ensure you get the benefit of the available solar rebates and are promptly connected to the grid.

As an additional extra, Venergy can assist you with monitoring the performance of your industrial system and provide an ongoing, reliable and efficient maintenance service to keep your system performing at its peak.

What size solar system is right for you?

To determine the size of the system to meet the needs of your business or home, we will look ar factors such as: current electricity usage and patterns; roof size and shading implications; and your budget. We will also put together a Systems Proposal for your consideration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of the most common questions posed to Venergy Australia by businesses and homeowners who are considering an investment in solar energy. Additionally, many of your questions will be answered when you engage us to prepare a free quote and appraisal.

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Government rebates and incentives for solar

You can receive rebates and generous government contributions for installing a solar power system and generating solar electricity, including “Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (STCs)” and “Feed-in Tariffs”, both which substantially offset your investment.

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What steps are involved in implementing solar?

The good news is that Venergy Australia will take care of everything for you, from developing the plan to completing paperwork and after sales service. Our solar install process designed to cover all aspects of starting and maintaining your solar-powered business or home.

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