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More and more people are embracing the benefits of solar energy and battery storage than ever before. In fact, one in five Aussie homes has installed rooftop solar panels, making Australia the country with the highest uptake of household solar in the world. With such a wide variety of products, installers, and retailers available out there, being an informed consumer has never been more important.

If you are thinking of installing solar, we highly recommend that you continue reading so you will understand what the Clean Energy Council provides for the consumers, why become accredited, and what they really mean for Australians wanting to install solar power systems in their homes or businesses.

Raising the Bar Higher in the Solar Industry

Clean Energy Council (CEC) is the peak body for the clean energy sector in Australia. The Clean Energy Council works to raise the bar higher than the minimum requirements set by government and regulations and bring about a better standard of service within the solar industry; and it does this through a system of endorsement and accreditation, including:

  • CEC Accreditation – awarded to individuals that have undertaken the necessary training to design and install solar, batteries and other renewable energy systems
  • CEC Approved Retailers – awarded to businesses that are signatories to the CEC Solar Retailer Code of Conduct
  • CEC Approved Products – are a list of modules, inverters and battery storage products that meet Australian Standards for use in the design and installation of solar PV systems.

Accreditation with the Clean Energy Council means that Venergy team has diligently gone through compliance requirements to become an Approved Solar Retailer. Our CEC-accredited installers and designers work to industry best practice standards, producing systems that are safe, reliable and meet customer expectations.

You can read more about CEC Accreditation here.

Why the Code?

The Clean Energy Council administers Solar Installer Accreditations, ensuring installers and designers have the best qualifications to install safe and reliable solar systems. In 2013, they created the Solar PV Retailer Code of Conduct which is the only solar industry code of conduct authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

The establishment of the Solar PV Retailer Code of Conduct means that the solar retailer sector will be monitored, and in particular, companies that engage in misleading or poor sales and marketing practices.

Clean Energy Council Approved Expectations

As a signatory to the CEC Approved Code of Conduct, Venergy customers can expect that:

  • We have gone through a rigorous process to become an Approved Solar Retailer
  • We will provide the Code’s standard minimum warranty period of five years on your whole system
  • We will keep you informed of the process between system installation and network connection
  • We will comply with all current laws and regulations, and that our sales representatives will act ethically at all times and not participate in any deceptive or misleading tactics
  • We will provide a higher standard of quality and service, raising the bar in the solar industry

Our involvement in the Solar Retailer Code of Conduct program is just one of the many reasons why you should choose us as your preferred solar provider.

CEC Approved Solar Retailer

The Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer program is a way for businesses that sell solar and storage to show their commitment to responsible sales and marketing activities and industry best practice.

With this accreditation, Venergy can rest assured that they are purchasing their solar and storage from a company they can trust. As a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer, you can be assured that you are buying a quality product from a company that follows all relevant consumer protection laws and is prepared to back the operation of your solar system for at least five years. This also ensures that Venergy follows strict guidelines in pre and post sale activities, documentation and general business practices.

CEC Accredited Installer

Every one of Venergy’s installers is CEC approved so they are kept up to date with the latest information around product testing and emerging issues from Clean Energy Regulator inspections and important upcoming changes to industry standards and guidelines.

For a small-scale solar system, it must be designed and installed by someone who is accredited by the Clean Energy Council. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) ensures that the skills and knowledge of CEC-accredited installers and designers remain relevant and up-to-date with the latest changes in technology, regulation, and industry best practice. Currently, there are more than 7,000 accredited installers around Australia.

Being a CEC accredited installer means that you:

  • qualify for government incentives such as Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)
  • have access to the CEC’s solar technical advice support line
  • have access to exclusive webinars, toolbox talks, how to’s, and technical information
  • be kept up to date with important upcoming changes to industry standards and guidelines
  • be kept up to date with the latest information around product testing and emerging issues from Clean Energy Regulator inspections
  • be included on the find an installer tool in the consumer section of the CEC website
  • have your views on standards represented to the standard committee
  • have your voice heard by government and regulators through the Installer Reference Group
  • support the important work of the Clean Energy Council, including advocacy on behalf of the solar and storage industry.

Key point: The Clean Energy Council only accredits people, not companies. This differs from Clean Energy Council membership, which is available to businesses.

CEC Partnership

Venergy is proud of our association with the Clean Energy Council (CEC). Our membership approved retailer status, accredited installers, and founding signatory status tells you that we can be trusted with your residential or commercial solar panel system.

We are a fully transparent solar installation company and have been in business since 2009. We pride ourselves on careful product selection and high volume (direct to manufacturer) negotiation in order to deliver to the market high-quality solar solutions at the most competitive rates.

Thinking of making the switch to solar? There has never been a better time to consider going green. Speak to one of our expert consultants to discuss how solar can benefit your home or business today.

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