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Fronius Inverters are one of the most popular brands in Australia, ranging from 1.5 to 27 kW with a guarantee that it is suitable for virtually any size of the solar system from residential to large scale industrial.

Fronius customers can choose from a variety of inverter products, including:

  • Fronius Galvo
  • Fronius Galvo UL
  • Fronius Primo
  • Fronius Primo UL
  • Fronius Symo Hybrid
  • Fronius Symo
  • Fronius Symo UL
  • Fronius Eco

While these products are extremely effective in energy saving, they will almost certainly experience problems along the way. Don’t fret, though. These issues will be resolved with the help of our certified solar electrician.

Fronius Inverter Fault & Error Codes

A great thing about Fronius inverters is that they perform self-diagnosis that instantly informs the owner automatically about the problem. There are different fault and error codes for the Fronius inverter models. These codes are categorised as being:

  • Class 1 are temporary issues and are caused by the public grid
  • Class 3 are usually problems in feeding energy but only for a limited period of time
  • Class 4 which already requires the intervention of an accredited solar installer or engineer
  • Class 5 which usually does not interfere with energy feeding but may cause some restrictions
  • Class 7 which are related to the control system, the configuration, and inverter data recording, and may affect the process of feeding energy into the grid

Some common Fronius error messages, explanations on the error or fault, and a list of actions to take to resolve the issue are provided below.

Error Code 314

Error Code 314 on a Fronius inverter indicates a current sensor calibration timeout or an internal system error. Usually, this problem just fixes itself as the inverter repeats its startup routine.

Error Code 401

Error Code 401 on a Fronius inverter means that there is no communication with the power stage set possible. The inverter will automatically attempt to connect again and, if possible, will resume feeding energy into the grid. If the STATE code is displayed all the time, contact us so we can investigate the issue.

Error Code 509

If Error Code or State Code 509 appears on your Fronius inverter, it means that no energy has been fed into the grid in the last 24 hours. There may be a number of explanations for this and one of them is that the solar panels are covered in dirt.

Error Code 567

If your Fronius inverter encounters Error Code or State Code 567, it means that the GVDPR (grid voltage dependent power reduction mode) is active and the inverter will operate with reduced power output. If the code continues to appear, contact us to solve this issue.

Important: Since Venergy is a Fronius System Solution Partner, customers who buy an inverter from us get a 5 + 5 year warranty that covers the inverter, labour, and material/parts costs. Check out Fronius Australia’s terms and conditions to learn more about your Fronius inverter warranty or connect with us on 1800 836 374 so we can address your concerns immediately.

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