Free commercial solar proposals

Want to learn how Venergy can solve your solar needs?

Free Commercial Solar Proposals

Venergy currently services commercial and residential clients throughout South Australia and Victoria. The form below will allow Venergy supply you with an estimate for a solar system within 2 working days. The more details that you can provide, the more accurate this estimate will be.

The business case for implementing solar energy has never been more compelling. With generous government rebates still in place, solar provides a guaranteed return-on-investment.

If your annual electricity costs are greater than $10,000 per year, we will happily prepare a customised Commercial Solar Proposal at no cost!

Even home owners who are burdened with significant energy bills are eligible for this service.

Your proposal will include everything youneed to make your decision, including:

Download a sample of this proposal here!

In order to be accurate, the analysis is based on your real situation. But you will be happy to know that we make it very easy for you. All we need is the following:

  • Current annual electricity costs: In order to be most accurate, it best to get copies of your electricity bills for the last year. We will work with you to get these later, particularly if energy bills vary throughout the year. This allows us to factor in any changes in usage patters throughout the year.
  • Site Address: From this we will take a satellite image of your site address to design a roof plan for solar panels that will best meets your needs. This will also be used to apply forecasted average daylight hours. If there are any new obstructions that create shade on your roof that are not visible from latest satellite images, we will need to know this too.
  • Roof pitch: This is used to help determine the expected output from your solar system, which will vary the output of your solar solution. If you are unsure, we can help or you can refer to the image shown here.

If this seems simple, you’re right! To start the process simply complete the form below. If there is anything you can’t answer now, simply leave it blank and our experts will help you.