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Commercial Solar

It’s a greener, cleaner, cheaper source of energy and is good for you, your budget, and the environment.

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Commercial Solar Systems

The business case for implementing solar energy at your business premises has never been more compelling.

Save Money

Save money on your business’ energy bill.

Add Value

Add value to your commercial premises.

Reduce Reliance

Reduce your business’ reliance on the rising cost of power from the grid

Get Paid

Get paid for any excess power your export back to the grid (if eligible).

Reduce Emissions

Reduce your business’ carbon emissions and carbon footprint.

Whether it be a roof top system or a ground mounted system, our CEC-accredited designers will deliver an efficient, reliable and market-leading recommendation which surpasses the usual commercial solar company standards.With generous government rebates still in place, solar provides a guaranteed return-on-investment, a hedge against rising electricity costs, long term warranties and only minimal maintenance.

Commercial Solar Case Studies

Our Commercial Solar Capabilities

Venergy has significant experience in commercial scale photovoltaic solar systems with proven success in designing and installing some of Australia’s largest solar systems. Venergy solar is supported by strong business cases proving guaranteed returns on investment and a payback period of between 3 to 5 years. We have invested heavily in resources with expertise in this space so that Venergy can be a leader in commercial solar. Our project experience is evident and the incredible financial outcomes for our clients are clear.

Venergy’s aim for small and large commercial energy users is for durable and quality solar solutions that will reduce outgoings for power over a long term period. You need to know the regulations that govern the solar industry before you commit to such a long term investment and Venergy will assist your business by providing expert advice in that regard too.

Understanding the importance of tier one technology is important, as is Venergy’s ability to design systems that are well-aligned to Australia’s harsh climate and exceed Australian standards.

Venergy’s transparent commercial solar system planning and design service offers certainty regarding your forecast return on investment and savings. Our CEC-accredited photovoltaic designers design commercial systems to maximise return on investment by optimising the size of the solar system taking into consideration specific constraints with the site including but not limited to available roof size.

Whether it be a commercial solar system for your office premises, your manufacturing plant or any other commercial premises, Venergy’s design process will consider above all your budgetary and site objectives and restrictions and ultimate energy saving goals.

Commercial Solar FAQ’s

We answer some of the most common questions posed to Venergy Australia relating to commercial solar systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of the most common questions posed to Venergy Australia by businesses and homeowners who are considering an investment in solar energy. Additionally, many of your questions will be answered when you engage us to prepare a Free Commercial Solar Proposal.

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What Steps Are Involved In Implementing Solar?

The good news is that Venergy Australia will take care of everything for you, from developing the plan to completing paperwork and after sales service. Our solar install process designed to cover all aspects of starting and maintaining your solar-powered business or home.

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Government Rebates And Incentives For Solar

You can receive rebates and generous government contributions for installing a solar power system and generating solar electricity, including “Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (STCs)” which will substantially offset your investment.

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Quality Solar Parts And World-Leading Warranties

Venergy only supplies reputable, market leading, European (SMA and Aurora) inverters and quality panels sourced from our long term business partners in China (Simax) and Germany (Q Cells). Both come with long term warranties and are proven to be well worth the small additional investment…

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Venergy’s zero deposit, no financials required finance offer

If you enter into a repayment agreement with Venergy’s finance partner:

You need not pay a cent today

The payback period is likely to be within 2.5 – 3.5 years

Your solar system will generate energy during most businesses’ peak consumption periods

You will enjoy a guaranteed return-on-investment


You don’t need to submit financials for approval*

Repayments are likely to be completely offset by forecasted savings on electricity bills*

Cash flow positive from day one.

Commercial Solar Consultation

We’ll talk to see if solar is right for you and create a free quote based on your company’s energy usage and your location in Australia.

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