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We take care of everything

From the beginning, until the end. Our team will be your long-term solar partner.

We take care of everything!

Venergy is more than just a solar energy installer and provider, Venergy is your long-term partner in installing and maintaining an efficient solar system.

As your energy-saving partner, we will help you by recommending only the best energy saving solution customised to your usage and forecast needs, and we will be there into the future to support all your ongoing solar requirements, including but not limited to servicing, cleaning and system performance monitoring.

Venergy follows a solar install process designed to cover all aspects of starting your solar journey. Once you have contacted Venergy on 1800 836 374, you can expect us to:

Present the facts

Our Venergy consultant will present the facts and benefits of solar energy and also showing you a conceptual roof plan designed for your business or residential premises.

Schedule the installation

Once everything is planned, we will arrange the schedule of installation, considering the most convenient time for you. We will take care of everything including the application for the Federal Government rebates you are currently entitled to.

Conduct a site inspection

A CEC-accredited electrician will attend your business or residential premises to confirm the solution recommended to you aligns with your available roof size and totally assess the site for any other issues, to ensure an accurate and smooth installation on the day.

Install the solar system that you purchased

Venergy’s CEC-accredited and partnered solar system installers will install the solar panels, inverter, and other necessary devices and leave you with a complete solar energy system.

Instigate a connection to the grid

We will liaise with SA Power Networks and your electricity retailer to instigate the connection of your system to the grid. To help you to start saving on your energy bills, we will begin this process as soon as possible. One less thing you have to think about.

Ongoing support

We will be here to support you for years after your install. Our job does not stop at installation. As your energy-saving partner, we will assist you in keeping and maintaining your solar energy system, including but not limited to servicing, cleaning, fault rectification, ongoing technical assistance and system performance monitoring.

System performance live monitoring

Venergy Australia can maintain and monitor your system 24 hours a day. (naturally only anticipating production during daylight hours), monitoring ongoing performance and immediately alerting to any reduction in solar system output, recording all system output from date of installation and enabling ongoing accurate cost-benefit analysis.