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Our Beginnings

As solar technology advances, Venergy has been at the forefront since beginning in 2009.

How Venergy Australia Began

Operating since 2009, Venergy is an established solar business with its head office in Adelaide. The company has since expanded into the commercial and industrial space nationally.

We pride ourselves on careful product selection and high volume (direct to manufacturer) negotiation in order to deliver to the market high quality solar solutions at the most competitive rates.

In the early 1990s, the idea of solar energy for commercial and industrial applications sounded unfeasible to companies but Venergy held on to its belief that a new future in the energy industry would soon arise.

Having long term, valuable client relationships is our goal – we are not just about installing a system – and we have the infrastructure and proven track record in place with solar systems supplied to several thousands of clients.

With experience and proven implementation success, Venergy has an established reputation having installed across Australia including a 100kW system at South Australia’s largest ice supplier, Adelaide Ice.

To underpin the long-term vision and commitment that exist with Venergy solar, it was not until the 9th of June 2009 when the Government withdrew its $8,000 incentive that Venergy launched its solar operation.

With an uninterrupted commercial history operating out of its Head office in Adelaide, Venergy remains today one of the longest standing Australian solar companies.