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After Sales Service

Here at Venergy, we take enormous pride in our commitment to after sales service. Our in-house and CEC-accredited installers are at the forefront of our Customer Service delivery. Their skills and expertise exhibit the importance we place in delivering a high quality service, ensuring that our customers experience the best service of any solar company from Venergy.

How do we provide assistance to you after your service is installed?

If you enter into a repayment agreement with Venergy’s finance partner:

  • By employing dedicated customer service staff – there for all after sales queries, additional support, technical assistance, system performance training, warranty questions and much more.
  • Being available always with full-time Venergy office staff, answering calls from 8:30 AM – 5:50 PM and after hours on mobile no. 0401 348 157 (Ali) as required.
  • Keeping electronic records of all aspects of your solar installation and contractual and technical paperwork and having these available at anytime to assist you with queries that may arise.
  • Employing a dedicated technical manager that is available to assist with any technical queries and attend to any site inspections and technical issues.
  • By providing detailed performance reports on the production of your solar system installed.
  • By having live monitoring capability – reporting on the system performance 24 hours a day (naturally only anticipating production during daylight hours), monitoring ongoing performance and immediately alerting to any reduction in solar system output, recording all system output from date of installation and enabling ongoing accurate cost-benefit analysis.
  • Employing a dedicated cleaning and maintenance team that can attend to routine cleaning, servicing and long-term maintenance requirements.